Nerdgasm: Board Game Night with Emerge Miami

Board games are not just for kids and senior citizens. Boardgames are the epitome of low-cost, brain-flexing fun for all. Nobody knows the social and cultural value of a good Scrabbling or Boggling more than your card-shuffling, dice-rolling friends at Emerge.

That’s why every third Tuesday of the month, Emerge gets together at Sweat Records at 8 pm to throw down. All are welcome to this free and festive community event.

Board Game Night at Sweat Records

Emerge Weekly Update (September 16th, 2011)

Greetings Emergent Friends! As the fall season approaches, we've got a great lineup of events to check out:

September 17th - Comics & Ice Cream
ComicED is returning to Wall’s Ice Cream September 17th from 7pm-9pm. Enjoy 10% off any Ice Cream Purchase when you support ComicED by purchasing a .10 cent comic book. All proceeds of comic sale fund letters for comics, a program that allows kids across Miami, FL access to a free comic.

September 17th - Coastal Cleanup Day
Also this Saturday is the Ocean Conservancy’s International Coastal Cleanup Day- Emerge and the Coral Gables Roteract Club will be helping out at Matheson Hammock Park. Maxwell and Adam are coordinating this- look for the cool guys digging in the mangroves for trash! This is Saturday from 9 am -12 at Mattheson Hammock. If you go to the guard house at the entrance road, they will let you in for free if you tell them you are doing the beach cleanup. This event fills up quickly, so try to arrive around 8:30!

Making Opa-Locka Sketchy (in a Good Way)

Our collection of sun-saturated bicyclists takes a welcome break in the shade of Opa-Locka’s Tri-Rail parking lot and two things occur to me:

I first realize that I am entirely out of my familiar area. Despite living in Miami for thirty years, to me Opa-Locka previously represented “over there”- a mysterious nonentity I’ve never had a reason to visit.

This sensation is quickly followed by my second breakthrough. The Tri-Rail station, I notice, is placed along Opa-Locka’s epically named Ali Baba Avenue, and I’ve just travelled through a portion of town dotted with improbable minarets and Arabic-influenced domed structures- an architectural oasis completely unlike any other area in Miami.

Emerge Weekly Update (September 8th, 2011)

We are happy to be seeing new and friendly faces at our meetings! Recently Emerge has been partnering and planning future events with some great organizations. Together with The Social Butterfly Foundation, Up-Lab and The Coral Gables Rotaract Club, we are enjoying rides and bringing awareness to important issues that affect our community. Thanks to all of you who are helping make a change; keep up the pace and positive activism!

We are planning a Cemetary Tour for next month’s October Critical Mass. We’ll be strolling through some of the city’s most interesting cemeteries, featuring the City of Miami Cemetery, where some of Miami’s most notable pioneers are buried, including Julia Tuttle, William M. Burdine and Samuel Jones to name a few. Stay tuned for upcoming details about this ride.

Emerge Weekly Update (September 2, 2011)

There were lots of new faces at our Emerge Meeting this past Tuesday, and we've got a batch of new events to talk about. But first, an estimated 800-900 riders turned out to last months Friday Critical Mass! While it's great to see so many Miamians participating in the local bike culture, it's important to maintain the level of courteousness and safety that has characterized the previous rides. To that end, Rydell has written a must-read article over at the Miami Bike Scene blog emphasizing the need to maintain this conscientiousness going forward.

Now back to the action! Check out this professionally edited video from the ride, and read up on the latest event previews that we've got cooking up.