#OccupyMiami Ignites The Torch of Friendship

Miami: now's your chance to join the movement! New York protestors kicked off American Summer and currently #OccupyWallStreet- the public's response to their dissatisfaction with the current economic and political inequities which are shaking our system to its foundations. Cities around the country- around the planet!- are embracing the new solidarity and adding their support. Miami is no different.

Introducing #OccupyMiami - Nearly 200 activists, artists, and organizers made clear their intentions last Saturday, at the first #OccupyMiami organizational meeting. The new collaboration assembled to discuss problems facing the community at a local and national level- and subsequently global level- democratically deciding how to address such issues through direct action. The event was the first official meeting, after many of its members spent the previous days conceptualizing how to bring Miami into the effort in conversations that spanned ad-hoc video conferences, Facebook chats, and IRC.