2 Quick Announcements: Vote for our Self-Service Bike Repair Station project & Upcoming Emerge Board Game Night!

Emerge Miami is striving to install self-service bike stations around Miami, where riders can perform simple repairs on their bikes at no cost. We envision these bike stations installed across the city in areas heavily traveled by cyclists to encourage a more sustainable culture in Miami.

Please vote so that we can get funding for this project!

Free places to make repairs would motivate more people to cycle and contribute to making Miami a healthier and environmentally friendly place. Our vision starts with one station. With the funds from this contest we will purchase and install Miami’s first self-service bike station in a safe and heavily travelled route used by cyclists to maximize its impact; from this initial success, we will continue to expand the project by asking local advocacy groups and businesses for sponsorship, in exchange for advertising space on the stations in which they have invested.