Emerge Weekly Update (June 27th, 2012)

Greetings Emergers! We're wrapping up an activism-filled week with recaps of past events and previews of upcoming Summer goodness. We aim to remedy brain drain in the city by hosting and curating the coolest social-activist events in Miami. So kick back, and read all about the latest local happenings!
South Florida Human Rights Campaign
South Florida Human Rights Panel a success!

Even on the night of the Miami Heat championship game, the room for South Florida Human Rights Panel was packed! The discussion ranged from immigration policy, to the state of education, to the school-to-prison pipeline. This will be the first in a series. If you'd like to be on the mailing list for future panel events and to be linked into ways to be more involved in human rights work in South Florida, send Kevin Bulger an email at bulgerke(at)hotmail.com.

Emerge Weekly Update (June 19th, 2012)

As summer starts to heat up, we'll keep bringing you the hottest rundown of local news and upcoming events. This past weekend, we wrapped up an amazing Streets.Art.Cycles graffiti bike tour in Wynwood!

Miami Graffiti Bike Tour

Wrapping up Streets.Art.Cycles

A glimpse from Saturday's Wynwood Graffiti Tour to support the opening of Miami's first bike co-op, Magic City Bike Collective! You'll want to click-through the Wynwood Graffiti Bike Tour album put together by @AnotherTraveler to go directly to the scene of some of Miami's best murals and street art.

Miami Beach Police Keeps it Real During Emerge Ride

Reposted from Emerger Adam's website, Ampersand:

Miami Beach Police Keeps it Real

This is a happy story.

It may not seem to start that way:

Straight up- biking in Miami is a challenge.

We come to terms with this and try to ride like traffic- fearless and assertive. Some days are harder than others to keep the resolve. There are multiple ways in which the ride is challenging. Among them are chiefly aggressive traffic and, at times more disconcertingly, a feeling that we are not afforded protection by the authorities responsible for keeping all traffic safe. I've heard many a cyclist implore "Where was the police?"

I've been hit- and thank goodness its never been an issue. A bent fork here, a bumped shin there- I am thankful for being intact. But in each situation, the conflict was resolved with words between myself and my new acquaintances. No interventions.

Stories get told from all around the perspective on law enforcement and its knowledge or interest in bicycle issues and rider safety. Everyone I speak to seems to have an opinion- mostly critical.

So here's our happy story, for a wonderful change of tone:

Making Traffic Happen – A response to individuals annoyed by Critical Mass

Critical Mass is a community bicycle ride and the reasons people join that ride increase as the group grows in number. In Miami, most riders attend Critical Mass because of its entertainment value. As you've described, this is spectacle, but it is also a form of cultural expression, urban exploration, group physical activity, a chance to network socially and, after all of that, some riders are still motivated to attend Critical Mass to address public policy. Think of Critical Mass as a brief, monthly, two-wheeled, King Mango Strut that is entertaining and affordable to our taxpayers, while conveying a pertinent message. At best, Critical Mass approaches demonstration-lite.