If You Can Read This Letter, Thank Your Library

Almost every Saturday, I take the Metro-Mover to Government Center where I visit the Miami Main Library to return a book I borrowed and read the previous week. This routine is an important part of my life. I love the Main Library, especially its selection of Spanish Literature. Sometimes, I just sit on the floor and read a couple of poems from Benedetti or Neruda, or surprise myself with a Latin American poet whom I have never read. Miami-Dade County lacks a diversity of book stores, particularly spaces that encourage visitors to leisurely explore a range of topics and sit, reading in a quiet place. That’s one reason I love going to the library.

I also appreciate the communal aspect of the library, where I see and talk to people from different cultures, backgrounds, and ages. Every time I visit the library, it is filled with kids grabbing books with curiosity and enthusiasm. Sometimes their parents read books to them. There are even teenagers checking out the latest comic books.