The Virtue of Absenteeism – My Absentee Ballot Keeps me Honest

For Miami Voters, Absentee Ballots Serve as a Mechanism to Vote and a Reminder to Vote

AbsenteeismWhen I receive a large envelope in the mail from the Supervisor of Elections, I know it’s time to glean knowledge and form an opinion.

Before last week, I had no idea that I needed to think about whether the City of Miami should lease .73 acres of waterfront land to Riverside Wharf LLC. Land agreements don’t take up much of my general headspace. That being said, I actually do care what happens to public land — it belongs to us.

While still in pajamas, I researched the proposed land-deal. I wondered whether this measure came about because blighted land sorely needed investment or whether a private enterprise sought to profit off the backs of the people. Without leaving my bed, I found answers and I voted.

My absentee ballot put me on notice of a local issue, encouraged me to learn, and permitted me to participate conveniently . After all, sometimes the best way to show up is to stay absent.

You can become a fellow absentee-voter by going to Miami-Dade County’s Website.