Dueling Conspiracies 3 at Sweat Records
Join us for an evening of truth, debate and entertainment! You are encouraged to bring your favorite Conspiracy Theory to this event to join in our discussions. We are still looking for presenters, so if you have any questions send an email to emergemiami@gmail.com or just show up, no registration necessary. Serious and humorous theorists and everything in-between welcome. This evening will have something for everyone!

All presenters will be allowed 5 minutes to introduce their theory. All attendees will then vote on who gets more time for Conspiracies: Round 2, where they will have a chance to expand upon their theories.

Bring your Powerpoints, Slideshows, Models and Photographic Evidence for presentations! Vegetarian food or snack items for the potluck would be greatly appreciated. See you May 3rd at Sweat. Until then, happy conspiracy hunting!

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