Emerge Miami Bike Prom 2017


Will You Be Our Date to Bike Prom?  


Um, so we’ve been seeing you around.  We think you’re suuuuper cute.  We don’t know if you were thinking about going to bike prom this year.  But if you are….will you……like, be our date?

We PROMISE that bike prom won’t be as lame as your high school prom.  For starters, you don’t have to rent a pricey tux, or book a limo.  Just throw on your finest 80’s threads, hop on your bike and meet us at Government Center Metrorail Station, on Wednesday, November 22 @ 7:00 PM — Member’s Only Jackets and poofy-shouldered dresses welcome.  Prom-goers with the most radical flair will be contenders for the honor of PROM MINISTER.  It’s like Prom King or Prom Queen, but more prestigious and gender-equitable.

We’ll be riding to sweet 80’s music and dancing on Miami’s swankiest public spaces — Museum Park, Bayfront Park, and Pace Park.  After the party, it’s the AFTERPARTY, which is happening at the LEGENDARY 80’s Prom at Gramps.

Leave your corsages at home, but bring your bike locks and a few bucks to take advantage of the sweet drink specials at 80’s Prom.  And if you’re into it, we can slow dance to Phil Collins WITHOUT the judgmental glares of chaperones.


Government Center Metrorail Station

101 NW First St.



176 NW 24th St.