What We Do in the Community

Emerge Miami is committed to fostering community development and engagement in and around  Miami. Whether you’re born and raised or new to the city and looking to meet people, or whether you have oodles of free time or an hour here or there, Engage Miami has countless ways for you to plug into the Miami scene.

How to Get Involved

Do you have an idea for a new group or activity? Perhaps you’ve already started moving forward with your idea, but need some help developing it. Or you’d like to jump on one of our existing projects. Whether it’s a cause, activity, hobby, or networking group you’re looking to promote, Emerge can help you get off the ground! The starting point for most newcomers is to attend one of our weekly meetings on Tuesdays at Sweat Records, 5505 N.E. Second Avenue. Or, follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and email us at emergemiami@gmail.com.