Turnip the Beet at Colony1’s Monthly Market Festivals

Turnip the Beet Festival
July 11th will not be just any ordinary Saturday. All day, Colony1 Wynwood will Turnip the Beet with a community festival and local, handmade market. Come out and meet Miami’s most comprehensive sustainable living education hub: Colony1!

Colony1 is presenting monthly festivals – Turnip the Beet – every second Saturday to bring the citizens of Miami and South Florida together in the name of all things sustainability. The festivals will offe grassroots-style education from the community, by the community. Colony1 is 100% volunteer driven, and the interactive workshops are presented by people who want to share their knowledge and increase the presence of a socially responsible, regenerative, and holistic lifestyle. Colony1 and the monthly festivals are about the people, the land we live with, and the community we collectively create.

The parent non-profit organization, Art of Cultural Evolution, has received a few grants from various organizations, and the organization has been granted the Colony1 site in the heart of Wynwood thanks to a land grant from Miami-Dade County. County Commissioner Audrey Edmonson of District 3 is the sponsor of the land grant. This 50-year grant is contingent upon there being a building constructed on the site within 3 years. It is really important for this project to succeed, and it will because individuals are waking up to the fact that humanity’s modus operandi is destroying the Earth, and creating disharmony in societal infrastructure. The masses are hungry for changes that bring the mass consciousness from a self-centered mentality to community mentality. To achieve this, we must begin teaching each other and supporting each other from the ground up. For this reason, education is at the forefront of the Turnip the Beet market festivals.

Attendees will have fun while gaining a lot of knowledge! They will get to enjoy interactive workshops on sustainable living techniques, they will get to participate in a conversation series led by a leader in sustainable living every month, parents will get to have fun with their kids, and kids will get to have fun with their parents – while learning cool new skills for an all-around healthier life. Most importantly, the community will get to connect with each other, and help Miami grow into the nexus of conscious, socially responsible living it wants to be.

Each festival will feature:

● Workshops on sustainability and holistic living all day long
● An interactive lunch workshop called: Workshop Your Lunch! (The festival on July 11th this will be presented by Raw and Living Food by Fabiana Hernandez)
● A conversation series with a different leader of the community every month
● A local, and handmade market – open from 12:00 pm to 7:30 pm

Sustainability Workshop schedule for Saturday, July 11th Turnip the Beet at Colony1:

9 am Morning Gardening & Mulching
10 am Tree Grafting
11 am Composting is for Everyone with Colony1
12 pm: Workshop Your Lunch! Raw & Living Food with Fabiana Hernandez $15
12 pm – 7:30 Farmer’s Market, Local & Handmade Vendors
1 pm Bike Culture & Repairs with Help Earth Ride (H.E.R.)
2 pm Conversation Series: Love the Everglades with Jean Sarmiento
3 pm Visionary Art with Myriam Valdez
4 pm Raw Food Demo with John Schott
5 pm Intersectionality with St. James
5:30 pm   Pesticides and Insects with Jillian Pim
6 pm From Self Actualization to Civil Disobedience with Nathan Pim
7 pm Hunter Altschul – music performance
7:30 pm   Closing Ceremony – Pagamiento to the Earth

Holistic Living Workshop schedule:

11 am Yoga & Meditation with Litana & Eben
12:30 pm   Galactic Sound Healing with Mike Goldfarb
3 pm Yoga & Thai massage with Patty Gallo
5 pm Hawaiian Culture and Lomi Lomi with Emily Peters
6 pm Yoga & Meditation with Renea Perry

In the Healing Tent:

Jen Page – Reiki
One Breath by Emily Peters – Lomi Lomi Bodywork
Anahata OM by Marcos Lee – Integrative Bodywork
Helping Hand’s Healing Services by Sheri Kaplan – Reiki Energy Healing
Moonflower Ollintlahuimetzli Healing Tent

Local & Handmade Vendors:

4 Elementum – essential oils and teas
Druid’s Grove – wild harvested herbs
From Spirit to Stone – handmade jewelry
FabiYogini Wear – upcycled yoga clothing
Retrouvaille Upcycle Boutique – upcycled clothing with a taste of Rock n Roll & Free spirit attitude

CATEURA Upcycled – Hand-crafted all natural soy wax candles & self-watering succulent planters made from beer, wine and liquor bottles

Food Vendors:

SiriCoco – wild & urban harvested coconuts
GoGanic by Anna Sivani – Local organic snacks